Your Security is Our Only Priority

Managing the security of your property, personnel, and belongings can feel like a Herculean task. In most projects, security becomes an afterthought, which leads to rush decision making with having to hire a company on an immediate basis, rather than looking at what is really needed to guarantee proper and efficient safety. We listen to your concerns and then prioritize your needs to give you custom all-encompassing Security Guard Services.

Tasking security for projects has become a task that gets added to the end of the to-do list. Unfortunately, this leads to companies hiring security guards based on availability, rather than professional services and capabilities. This blind hiring results in inefficient services due to a lack of proper understanding of the services really needed. Our goal is always your revenue protection and security first, which is why no matter the contract or time frame, we handle each client on an individual and personal basis. Our initial conversation is always going to address your concerns and needs, and then follow up with an onsite visit with one of our company owners to identify possible blind spots for criminal activity, revenue loss due to theft or damage, etc.

Our multi-point inspection elevates Eastern Security above the competition by ensuring all areas are covered by our guards, rather than giving you just a physical guard to walk random patrols. Based on the needs identified by our experts while on your site/property, we will create custom routes and patrols, tracked, and monitored by GPS technology, and scanned through the newest security software using QR codes, to completely cover areas. Guards report in real-time to our 24-hour dispatch facility, and every client is provided direct-to-owner access.

Having a security guard on-premise is more than just a deterrent, it serves as your voice of safety. Unlike a camera, a guard is a vocal witness to any criminal activity and becomes an immediate source of action to contact the proper authorities and contacts in the event of an emergency. Your security is our only priority. Call Eastern Security Inc. and schedule your complimentary security analysis today.