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Disaster Security Services

Natural disasters are a huge concern for communities throughout Florida. We make sure that our clients have complete confidence in our ability to communicate with the proper authorities and management if disaster should strike.

All of our Security Guards are equipped with Nationwide 2-Way radios, connected even if all services are to go down, networked alongside the same services used by EMS, Law Enforcement, and Firefighters. There is never a delay in communications and transmissions with our guards, in-house dispatch center, or company owners on this network.

Our Security Guards will stay on-site as long as conditions allow. If a guard must leave their duty due to local or state mandates, they will immediately return once conditions become safe.

Disasters and emergencies we can help you through:

  • Hurricanes

  • Floods
  • Tornados
  • Severe Weather
  • Power Outages

  • Phone Outages

  • Firewatch

  • Building damage

  • Fires

Add Eastern Security’s Guard Services to Your Security Plan

  • Construction Sites

  • Residential and HOA Communities

  • Firewatch

  • Executive Protection

  • Live Events 

  • Polling Stations

  • Public Gatherings

  • Conference and Trade Shows

  • VIP Events

  • Parking Enforcement 

  • Access Control

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Jewelry Stores

  • High-End Retail Environments

  • Political Gatherings

  • Multipurpose Office Spaces 

  • Parking Garages

  • Courier Services

  • Transportation

Let’s start talking about your safety today!

Our experts are always available for your security, regardless of weather and unforeseeable disasters. Ask us for more details.