Commercial Security Services

Commercial Security

Commercial properties are a bustling environment comprised of retail shops, restaurants, professional services, parking lots, garages, offices and more. These properties are always at risk of unwanted activity varying from loitering, to property damage and theft. Keeping these areas clear of security threats with a physical security presence ensures that tenants, shoppers, and possible future clients feel safe returning and visiting your property and shows that their security is your priority.

During your initial security consult, our security experts survey your site and create a security plan, identifying areas of opportunity to secure areas that are often missed, and cannot be captured by security cameras alone. Using the latest software in the security industry, QR Codes are placed throughout the site and scanned during the patrol, reporting the Security Guard’s patrol and footpath in real-time.  All site patrols are monitored through our security software 365 days a year, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring our security guards have the support needed to keep your commercial property and the businesses and people within it safe.

In addition to our “Boots on the Ground” foot patrols, we also provide an extra layer of visibility through our security fleet vehicles. Highly lit with our bright Eastern Security Inc. green, and marked with our unmissable security emblem displayed on all sides of each vehicle, there is no mistaking that your site is being protected by one of Florida’s fastest growing security guard companies.

Add Eastern Security’s Guard Services to Your Security Plan

  • Construction Sites

  • Residential and HOA Communities

  • Firewatch

  • Executive Protection

  • Live Events 

  • Polling Stations

  • Public Gatherings

  • Conference and Trade Shows

  • VIP Events

  • Parking Enforcement 

  • Access Control

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Jewelry Stores

  • High-End Retail Environments

  • Political Gatherings

  • Multipurpose Office Spaces 

  • Parking Garages

  • Courier Services

  • Transportation

Let’s start talking about your safety today!

Create an environment that businesses and people can thrive and feel safe in. Make security for the people who work and visit your property a priority today by scheduling a consultation with one of our security experts.