Holiday Safety for Retailers

The Holiday season is rapidly approaching, and retailers are beginning to stock their merchandise for eager buyers returning to shopping malls and physical stores. November begins a huge push to boost sales and make a profit for all retailers, with 30% of retailers’ business occurring from Black Friday through the end of December. One detail that cannot be missed during this busiest time of the year is Physical Security for retailers. Almost half of all theft in the retail industry occurs during the winter season, and over 80% of that occurs during the Holiday rush period.

Security Guards are the best defense against would-be shoplifters. Their physical presence alone deters shoplifters and lets shoppers know they are being safeguarded as they peruse and purchase their holiday gifts. While cameras and CCTV are excellent to have, physical security guards are able to communicate to authorities and management as events are happening, stop shoplifters onsite, and give testimony if needed.

Some of the many benefits to having Holiday Security include:

  • Creates a visible deterrent to would-be criminals.
  • Able to provide accurate descriptions of criminal activity and suspects.
  • Real-time relay of information.
  • Ability to stop and detain shoplifters and persons in the event of criminal activity.
  • Recognizes repeat offenders and can provide intel to management.
  • Gives customers peace of mind while shopping and visiting businesses.

We also recommend that retailers take precautions during the busy season by practicing some simple safety tips:

  •  Greet clients as they enter, and keep sales associates visible throughout the store.
  • Ensure staff is aware of safety and security protocol.
  • Keep items secured with tags and electronic sensors if possible.
  • Keep small items and easy-to-grab items near the register.
  • Keep high tickets items behind secured areas.
  • Have policies in regards to people bringing in large bags, cameras, etc.
  • Post shoplifting policy for people to see.

Eastern Security is here to protect your customers, staff, and revenue this Holiday Season. Call us today to discuss your Holiday Security Plan.