More Than Security Surveillance

Security surveillance has become a part of daily life. From doorbell cameras to app-controlled security systems, we have fit security into our routine. Though these systems are a great tool to monitor for security threats, physical security for residential areas and businesses gives you something a security system alone can’t… real-time communication, prevention, and assessment. 

Physical security guards are the perfect deterrent. While on location, guards not only can relay any criminal behavior as it happens in real-time to the proper authorities, but they will also obtain these individuals until law enforcement arrives. 

Our 24-hour in-house dispatch center stays in constant communication during each patrol. Prior to any patrol, our security team walks through the property with the client and places scannable QR codes throughout the patrolled area. These codes serve as a tracker for the security detail. Our guards will scan each location as it is patrolled, giving a detailed outline of times, locations, and patterns that the guard is keeping while on duty. Our in-house dispatch facility has access to these scans and is able to pinpoint exact areas if a guard notifies dispatch of a security breach. This also gives peace of mind for clients knowing that they are being vigilantly secured. 

Though cameras and alarms will always be a great security tool, adding physical security to your security plan is the best way to save your company from revenue loss, property damage, and protection of personnel or residents. Eastern Security offers a free consultation, giving you the ability to see how you can personally benefit from our services. Contact us today to schedule your analysis today. 

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