Giving More Than Boots on the Ground Security

The visibility of security guards is regarded as one of the most effective deterrents to crime industry-wide. Though cameras aid in identifying theft suspects, boots on the ground, physical security, takes a people-based approach, getting a closer perspective, and the ability to communicate a detailed report of the events. Tracking and reporting with new technology and software give Eastern Security’s guards the accountability to relay accurate, and real-time information to our in-house monitoring center, and the client.   

Clients never have to fear that Security Guards leave their post or are not where they are scheduled to be. ESI Security Guards are equipped with GPS monitoring, detailing movement and routes, ensuring that the guard is onsite and foot patrolling the entire area. QR code scanners are placed throughout the patrolled area and are scanned throughout their rounds, giving a detailed mapping of their location and patrol.    

 ESI Mobile Patrol Fleets are brightly lit with green and amber lights, marked with the Eastern Security Inc. logo, and equipped with GPS. Alongside foot patrolling, Mobile Patrols provide added visibility, especially on Construction Sites and Residential Properties, as well as an additional resource for reporting and tracking.  Each vehicle has GPS, and just like the guards, are monitored by the in-house dispatch team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.    

 Through ESI’s Security Guard Solutions, real-time reporting becomes a reliable way to ensure that sites are being protected and secured using highly trained guards and technology. Get the ball rolling with a free Multi-Point Security Inspection today.  

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Eastern’s Security Guard Services are custom-tailored for you. We recognize that each client has individual needs, which is why we work directly with you to identify your concerns and needs to tailor your security package. From beginning to end, we work transparently to give you exceptional and all-encompassing security guard services.