G Course Range FAQ

  • Q: Can I bring my firearm or not?

    A: Yes, you may bring your own firearm. All personal weapons must have at least 3 magazines and preferably 4 magazines. All personal weapons will be inspected prior to being permitted on the range.

  • Q: Can I bring a subcompact firearm?

    A: You may utilize a subcompact weapon BUT IT IS HIGHLY DISCOURAGED. The magazines for ALL weapons must be capable of holding a minimum of 6 rounds. You MUST provide at least 3 magazines and preferably have 4 magazines.

  • Q: Can I rent a firearm from Eastern Security?

    A: Firearms are available for rental. All rental firearms will be chambered for 9MM.

    Firearm rental fee is $50

  • Q: Does Eastern Security have gear, holster, mag pouch, duty belt, etc. for use?

    A: Duty gear is available for use.

  • Q: Can I bring my own ammunition?

    A: You may provide your own ammunition. It will be inspected prior to use. NO RELOADED ammunition usage will be permitted in rental weapons. You will need to provide 144 rounds.

  • Q: If I don’t have ammunition can I purchase from Eastern Security?

    A: You may purchase 9MM ammunition for $25 per box. You will need to purchase 3 boxes. ALL other calibers must be provided by the student.

  • Q: What are the hours I must be at the range?

    A: You will need to report to the range by 8:00 AM. NO LATE ARRIVAL will be permitted UNLESS you have communicated with the instructor.

  • Q: What should I bring to training? Coolers, food, drinks, etc.?

    A: This is an outdoor range and seating is limited. It is recommended that you bring a folding chair. Also recommended that

  • Q: What should I wear to the Range?

    A: Range attire is as follows. Long pants with belt loops (ABSOLUTELY NO shorts, sweatpants, capris, Yoga, spandex types of pants permitted) , quality belt (no flimsy cloth belts), closed toed shoes, closed collar shirt, NO RED SHIRTS, hat recommended. If your attire does not meet the above, you will not be permitted on the range

  • Q: Do you provide eyes and ears?

    A: We do recommend that you bring your own eye and ear protection but if you do not these items we do have a limited supply that you will be able to utilize. There is a $5 Cleaning fee.

  • Q: Where do I go to the restroom?

    A: This is an outdoor Range currently there are no Bathrooms or Port-a potties on site. We suggest that you use an offsite restroom while on break or at lunch. If nature calls an emergency the is a Tractor supply store across the street.

  • Q: Is there a break for lunch?

    A: There will be a break for lunch.

  • Q: Where do I park?

    A: As you enter the range you will park on the right-hand side directly across from the storage trailers. DO NOT park in the area beside the road. Drive all the way down to the range area.