Arm Yourself with the Best in Security

Arming Yourself with the Best in Security

Security is an inherent universal need. We seek out security in our daily lives, from alarm systems to bright lights to illuminate the dark, security is sought after in every aspect of our lives. We understand that need transcends through personal and business lives, and we are here to tailor your security to your individual wants and needs.

Though the need for security is the same, the actual security plan is going to be different for everyone, which is why we offer a variety of custom security solutions. Our unarmed and armed guard services come with an all-encompassing security plan to cover any blind spots, access points, and opportunities for security breaches.

Our unarmed guards and armed guards both come with the required training and certification to perform their job duties to meet and exceed your expectations. Eastern Security Inc. takes a hands-on approach when hiring our guards, ensuring that each guard has the work ethic, and experience to ensure the best protection.

Our unarmed security guards are a great addition to any business or place of residence. Every guard comes with GPS-tracked foot and mobile patrol routes, designed to cover the entire property being secured. QR scanning software is placed throughout the property when the patrol routes are designed and are scanned using the latest software in the security industry, which is then visible to our in-house dispatch center in real-time. Unarmed guards are a great first line of defense, able to deter crime and unwanted activity as it happens, versus watching it play out over CCTV, or having to rely on a playback video or camera.

Our armed security guards come with additional firearm training, certifications, and licenses. We offer our armed guards for any industry, and especially recommend them for executive security guard services. These guards are perfect for high-level executives, celebrities and professional athletes, transportation of valuables, large-scale live events, high-end retail settings, and more. These guards are specially trained to ensure the protection of persons and property and identify possible threats and security breaches and prevent them before they can occur.

Deciding what type of security guard for your specific needs can be daunting, which is why we set out to work directly with you. We are completely transparent in the discovery process and talk through your current protocols and concerns to design a security plan that is going to address all your needs. Our security services are dynamic and scalable, meaning we can customize any service to fit your budget, plan around any size event or business, and ensure all your security needs are met.

Let’s work together and build a security plan. Contact our experts today and let’s chat about your security needs.

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We’ve got answers to all of your Security Needs. Let’s talk.

Eastern’s Security Guard Services are custom-tailored for you. We recognize that each client has individual needs, which is why we work directly with you to identify your concerns and needs to tailor your security package. From beginning to end, we work transparently to give you exceptional and all-encompassing security guard services.


Have Questions?

Read more on what our customers most commonly ask us, and what sets us apart from
other security companies.

What Makes Eastern Security Different?2021-01-29T02:18:32+00:00
  • Eastern Security Inc. provides Direct to Owner Access for all of our clients, 24/7, 365 days a year. We want to ensure that you are being provided with the best customer service, and that our clients know that their satisfaction always comes first.
  • We are a family-owned, central Florida based company. We are passionate about serving this community, because we are a part of this community.

  • We provide scalable solutions for every size company. From small to enterprise, we will custom tailor a Security Guard package for your budget. Our flexibility gives us the ability to give everyone the option for creating safe environments.

I have security cameras, why do I need a Security Guard?2021-02-18T00:06:04+00:00
  • Security Cameras capture the crime post event, and not during the act. Physical Security is able to address the crime as it happens, in real-time.

  • Perpetrators are able to case areas of opportunity. They plan their crimes around cameras, as most cameras stay in stationary positions. Our Security Guards are trained to avoid regular routes, and to change their routines throughout each shift so no one can track their habits.

  • Cameras, even if able to shift, will only give one point of view and have blind spots. Security Guards are able to report all angles of a property and detect those camera blind spots to ensure no areas are not being secured.

  • In the event that there is a crime that is committed, and prosecution takes place, Security Guards are able to give a testimony as a witness in court.

  • Cameras and equipment can break down. From malfunction, to power failures, these security tools can fail to work, putting you at immediate risk.

What is the difference between an Armed and Unarmed Security Guard?2023-10-08T02:32:28+00:00
  • An Armed Security Guard carries a weapon, while an Unarmed Security Guard does not.

  • Unarmed Security Guards can carry taser with proper certification and training upon request.

  • Armed Security Guards have higher training, including 40+ hours of state regulated training, with an additional 28 hours.

  • Armed Security Guards carry handcuffs, while Unarmed Security Guards do not carry handcuffs, unless specifically requested by the client.

Can Security Guards arrest perpetrators?2021-01-29T02:18:52+00:00
  • No, Security Guards cannot arrest any persons. They can detain a civilian until appropriate law enforcement arrives.

How are your Guards and Vehicles monitored?2021-01-29T02:18:43+00:00
  • All of our personnel and vehicles are equipped with GPS Tracking.

  • Our Integrated Security Dashboard relays the location of all personnel and vehicles, in real time, to our In-House dispatch center.

What is the advantage of a Patrol Vehicle?2021-01-29T02:18:38+00:00
  • Eastern Security Inc.’s vehicles are highly lit in green and amber lights, giving high visibility at night and during the day. Each vehicle is marked on all sides with our Security Emblems, designating it as a Security Patrol Vehicle.

  • These Patrol Fleets serve as a great additional resource to create a deterrent to possible criminal threats.

  • The patrol vehicles add to a foot patrol, giving the Security Guard more opportunity to cover more ground while on property.

  • Patrol vehicles add to the security for the guards themselves, from weather and other threats.

What Uniform Options are Available?2021-02-07T04:22:17+00:00
  • We offer multiple options for Uniforms that can be built into your package, from casual to more formal attire.

Consider 24/7 Security Guard Patrols for your business or events:

  • Conferences

  • Trade Shows

  • Residential Properties

  • Gated Communities

  • Multipurpose Office Spaces
  • Construction Sites

  • Access Point Areas

  • Commercial Property

  • Retail Environments

  • Parking Garages

  • Parks

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